What's included?

An Experienced Sommelier offering wine tasting courses

Wine Classes with Appreciation Techniques

Selection of Wines Tasting with Capapés

Crackers to cleanse the palate between tastings

Several wine bar Dubai locations with more in the pipeline

AED 249 per person (Min 6 people)

Add a touch of class to your celebrations in this very ‘civilised’ of experiences!

You will be sampling a range of excellent wines whilst learning the essentials of wine tasting and food pairing in an elegant and private setting.

Enjoy these wine classes over a few hours with friends at a wine bar Dubai!  You'll have access to these unique short wine tasting courses and wine tasting with capapes, and decide if you prefer red or white wine classes and nibbles!  Several wine bar Dubai locations to choose from.

Wine TastingWith canapés

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